Decision-Making Models In Web Development

Link: Decision-Making Models In Web Development

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Second Magento project online

I learn more and more everyday about e-commerce and last Friday I launched my second Magento project!

This project was a migration from a Microsoft E-Commerce Solution to Magento with a huge touch of marketing and SEO.

You should taste those gorgeous and tasty products from Provence!

Magento everyday

Willing one day to learn more about Magento, I did it during the last 3 months and finally I launched my first Magento project a few weeks ago. What I can say is that it’s a very huge e-commerce platform! Possibility are endless! But what interest me the most are the way to increase sales via social networks, improving SEO, background synchronization with ERP and warehouses and make some modifications/innovations regarding user experience.

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Crois-tu en dieu ?

Which one? Steve Jobs? Vishnu?

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Soif d’apprendre

L’apprentissage est la seule ressource écologique 100% renouvelable. Nous en avons jamais assez et nous ne pouvons pas nous en passer non plus. De vrais droguées du savoir.

Phase dans laquelle je suis actuellement. Je cherche continuellement à apprendre… Apprendre seul mais aussi apprendre des autres ou apprendre aux autres.

To be continued.

I wish…

I wanna be a Magento expert! But not only, also by giving e-commerce solutions from buying to delivery.

If you have good ressources, please share them.

Web emploi : Comment trouver un job dans le web ? | Emploi | Dev’nsound

Link: Web emploi : Comment trouver un job dans le web ? | Emploi | Dev’nsound

Ça faisait longtemps que je n’avais pas posté un article comme ça!

mChicheReplay sauvegarde les vidéos de M6 Replay et de W9 |

Link: mChicheReplay sauvegarde les vidéos de M6 Replay et de W9 |

Et moi qui pensais ne plus pouvoir regarder Capital. Plus besoin de proxy maintenant ! Ca marche du feu de dieu !

The hallmarks of a bad project :
– Projects for which no one has really identified the business benefit, or for which the closest you can get to a cost estimate is someone waving their hands in a the-size-of-the-monster-catfish-I-caught-last-summer type gesture are dangerous.
– Projects that focus too heavily on the present and neglect the future are dangerous. Think of the buggy whip manufacturer investing in making his production lines faster and cheaper, rather than realizing that a change in direction was needed.
– Insufficient—or nonexistent—resource investments in a project are another warning sign that you should beware of. Projects without budgets, people, or equipment are risky from the outset.
– Projects that are being undertaken even though only a few people in the organization believe that they should be completed are the most dangerous of all. These kinds of projects quickly start to feel like everyone’s just standing around watching, and waiting for you to slip up and prove them right.


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