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Download songs from Spotify with your premium account

Get ready to download some songs with your Premium account

Digging the abyss

As usual, digging on the web bring me on an interesting project called justifyx. This small java application let you do a simple thing:

Download any SpotifyURI link you want in 320kbps OGG format!

How to download playlist/album/song or whatever SpotifyURI?

Simply download the last version of Justifyx:

And use it as follow:

Command line:
java -jar justifyx.jar user password SpotifyURI format command

    ogg_96:  Ogg Vorbis @ 96kbps
    ogg_160: Ogg Vorbis @ 160kbps
    ogg_320: Ogg Vorbis @ 320kbps
    mp3_320: MP3 @ 320kbps

    download: downloads track/list/album
    download number: downloads an album starting on the specified track number
    cover: downloads album cover