Check your website links before launching

This is often omitted by project managers but before launching the website live on the Internet, you must check that all your links from your domain point to a specific location that is reachable and (if possible) has value for your content.

Why that?

  • to make a consistent website as hyperlinks is basis of website creation.
  • have a better SEO. It will ensure a coherence for search engine spiders.
  • to not frustrate your visitor. (You know what I’m talking about)

As a consolation, if you still can’t fully be sure of your links, at least try to make as much as possible the most explainable 404 page.

To perform a full check of your links the best tool from my POV is Xenu Link Sleuth. Simple to use and easy to make reports.

Once your report build up, fix all misleading paged linked or give it away to your developers with the expected result.

I’m curious, do you have better techniques to achieve this task ?

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